Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day One in Lockport ADVENTURE

I spent about an hour organizing the kitchen and then put a turkey breast and potatoes into the crockpot and then Wendy, Carrie and I headed to Niagara Falls.

We located parking ($20.00 a car) in front of a huge building that looked like a huge souvenir store.  We headed out on foot towards the falls.   We had done a LOT of walking and were not even sure we were headed in the right direction when we decided to take a trolley ride.  It took us to the Horseshoe Falls.

Before walking down to the falls, we decided to have lunch at TOP OF THE FALLS.
 We took an outside table, with a view of the falls.  Lunch was pretty good but not outstanding.
After lunch, we walked down to the Horseshoe Falls.

 It IS handicapped accessible, but it was kind of hard pushing the wheelchair back uphill.  We got back on  the trolley and took it back to the Visitors Center.  We had seen these people on the way into the park and they were still there when we left.

One more stop: at the HARD ROCK CAFE where Wendy purchased a glass (for her collection) and a t-shirt.

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