Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moving Day Adventure! (Saturday June 20th, 2014)

The day before (Friday) was so hectic......getting the truck, loading it up, the closing, and cleaning for the new owners!  I also met Connie for supper at Gersters for the Friday night buffet which was VERY good!   I was exhausted and slept pretty good, getting up at five a.m. to be ready for
my moving crews arrival.

Pete, Melessia, Josh and Vera arrived promptly at six a.m. and put some extra items into the truck.  We headed out.  We stopped at the McDonalds in Richfield Springs and we all had breakfast before continuing north to get on the thruway.  Vera rode with me.  Pete and Josh had the truck, and Melessia drove their car.

We stopped several times on the thruway mostly to use restrooms, but occasionally picking up some snacks. We got off at the Depew exit and drove down "the transit" into Lockport.  I think it was 12:30  when we arrived at my new place.  I stepped up onto the porch and started crying and said "I am home".  (to my friend Wendy who had arrived a day early with my daughter, Carrie).Vera had made me a welcome "hanging" which she put next to my front door.  Peggy had already put the signs up on the door.

We unloaded and moved the cable box from the upstairs apartment down to mine (and it works).  I took this picture of the four of them with the U-Haul truck.
Got the furniture I brought into place.  I then told Melessia and Pete that I would like to take them out to lunch after dropping the truck off.  We found the closest drop off spot (on Lincoln Avenue) and headed out.  Unfortunately, they drove too fast and Vera and I got separated from them.  I stopped at a dollar store and went in and asked for directions and it turned out we were about 1/4 mile away.  While I was in the store, Peggy called and I asked her to join us for lunch.  She suggested THE VILLAGE EATERY.  We met her there and had a great lunch!  Josh tried the Crystal Beach loganberry drink and liked it.

Then it was time for goodbyes, a bit tearful.....especially for Vera!

Peggy brought over a pizza and salad for our supper that night.  Wendy and I did a lot of unpacking and organizing.

After supper, I suggested to Wendy that we go to LAKE EFFECT ICE CREAM and we agreed.  Both of us had large sundaes, which were really TOO large!  Then we walked down to the big bridge and located David and Peggy's lock and I showed Wendy around Lockport a bit.

When I finally went to bed around ten p.m. I was exhausted and had a hard time getting to sleep!
Sometimes you REALLY can go home!

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