Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lunch with Linda and Penny

Linda,her Aunt Penny and I got together for one last time before my move.  The plans were to go to a book shop Penny likes in Otego and then out for lunch.  Penny called the book shop this morning and found out that they are not open on Tuesdays.  So, we changed the time to meet up til a little later and decided to just go out to lunch.

I thought they might like to do something after lunch so I called EDWARD's ANTIQUES and COLLECTIBLES (I have noticed this place on 205 between Laurens and Mt Vision several times and was able to obtain a phone number a while back) and made an appointment to be there at two p.m.  When I picked Linda and Penny up (at Penny's house in Laurens), I  asked them if they wanted to go with me to EDWARD'S.  Penny said she needed to be home to meet up with her gardener at 1:30 and Linda said she had stuff she had to do.

We decided to eat at Christophers.  I had not been there in years, so I had forgotten about the rustic atmosphere.  I had the "express lunch"which was pasta, shrimp and vegetables in a light alfredo sauce and Penny and Linda ordered a half of a hot pastrami sandwich with the salad bar.

We were all happy with our lunches.  The "three bean salad" on the salad bar was delicious!  I could not finish my pasta.  Penny told us stories of her father, how he ran away from home at 13 and made his own way in the world, how he prospected for gold,  and did not return home until after his father had died.  She told about his grandparents coming over from Lithuana, both dying before their son was a year old. At age eight her grandfather was sent out on his own with a peddlars pack to make his own living.

Penny said that she would like to go to the new SCHOLET'S FURNITURE, which had taken over the old Drogen's spot down the road.  She is looking for some new living room furniture.  We enjoyed checking out the living room stuff and Penny found a set she really likes, and is going to think about purchasing it.

I dropped some clothing off at the drop off spot at the tiny church in West Oneonta and then dropped Linda and Penny off at Penny's house.  I arrived at EDWARD'S fifteen minutes early but Joe and Lucie were there.  Lucie took me into the front building and I looked around, and picked out two small pieces of colored glass: one cobalt blue and one cranberry glass.  Then Joe opened u the second barn which he referred to as "the warehouse"....since it is not really organized like a shop.  I looked around but did not find anything that interested me.

When I went back into the first shop to pay for my  glass, I looked around a bit more and found a l950 First Edition Betty Crocker Picture CookBook  and Lucie only wanted $3.00 for it!  I happily purchased it.    I have wanted one of these for a LONG time......its the exact same cookbook my mother used when I was growing up.  I had a l970 version that fell apart a long time ago (I used it a lot) and recently I found a newer version with a reproduced cover similar to the l950 one (in a binder) but what I REALLY wanted was the l950 version, and now I have it.  I looked online to see what these are going for and the prices range from $20 to $60.00 !!!  I really got a good deal!
It is in almost perfect condition, too!  
Here are some pictures I  took at EDWARD'S ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES:

Joe has some military memorabilia which he showed me.  They explained that they used to have MUCH more, but they have sold most of it over the years.  

I wish I had visited EDWARD'S before this.  Lucie and Joe are so friendly!  

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