Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekend of May 31st PEGGY's WEDDING

Peggy's Wedding ADVENTURE

I headed out towards Lockport on Thursday
morning, May 29th, taking the thruway most
of the way.  After I got off in Batavia, I
took a different route, up  through Elba and
______.  I stopped to take a couple of pictures.

I arrived at 17 about three p.m.  I spent the
next 45 minutes unloading my car and starting
to put items away.

Then I drove to FAITH TABERNACLE CHURCH to meet up
with Peggy.  The plan was for me to help her and
some friends decorate the sanctuary.  However, the
friends were delayed.  I met Jo, the woman who was
in charge of baking the cake and cupcakes.  She
mentioned that she forgot to buy the carrot cake
mix, so I offered to go pick them up for her.  When
I returned, the decorating was almost done.  Peg
put me to work folding the program/bulletins for
her wedding.  I think that took close to an hour.
Peg said she was going to order a pizza for all of
those at the church helping.  She called PIZZA OVEN
and I went to pick it up.  I set it up in the
hospitality room.  It was a tray pizza, half with
mushrooms and half with pepperoni.  It was sooo
good.  After eating, I headed back to 17.  Peg
joined me soon after.

FRIDAY morning
I spent the morning unpacking and putting stuff
away and cleaning.  Peg left to go to the bank and
check on the progress of the work at the church.
We met up for lunch at l:00 p.m. at TOM'S DINER on
Main Street.   Before going back to 17, I stopped at
LAKE EFFECT DINER and purchased two pints of ice cream.
Frozen Hot Chocolate and Peanut Butter Epiphany.

I took a nap and Peg did some yard work.

Peg and David held a mock wedding ceremony at
THE ROAD TO NOWHER (the location of a geocache that
Peggy and I hid a while back).  It was a very
nice ceremony and that area seemed especially
beautiful.  Then they took a lock and two keys to
the BIG BRIDGE and attached the lock to a wire fence
and threw the keys into the canal.  This seems to be
a new Lockport tradition for brides and grooms.

Then it was time to go to the church for the rehearsal.
Rehearsal went well, and then we had catered food from
TOPS for supper, right there at the church.  It was
very nice.

Gail and I went to PAYLESS so she could look for a pair
of black flats since she decided that the heels she purchaseda wihle
back were just NOT going to work.  I also bought a pair of black flats
but when I got home, I decided NOT to keep them, but instead to wear
the pair I bought in Oneonta a few months back.

SATURDAY: wedding day

I went and had my hair styled by Peggy's hairdresser, Heather.
Then I got dressed for the day and then I took Peggy to
the church.  I ran to Payless to return the shoes and a
small purse I bought in Oneonta.  REFUNDS SUCCESSFUL!!

Back at the church, Michelle and Marisa were helping Peggy
get ready.  Peg was NOT very relaxed.  When it was time,
Gail and I went to the little room where we were to wait
for the wedding to begin

The ceremony was beatiful!  Then it was picture taking time
and then the reception.  Peggy must have practiced those dances,
because she pretty much stole the show with her fancy footwork.

Home to 17 at last, with a bunch of stuff that belongs to Peggy
including the top of the wedding cake which I put into the freezer.

SUNDAY June 1, 2014

I put the final touches on my new apartment, since this was my last trip
before my final move, talked with Christa on the phone, and when Peg's
friend Betty came to feed the cat, I showed her around my place.  I loaded
up my car and headed out "the transit".  I stopped at Denny's and had
breakfast.  I got on the thruway and stayed for a while, getting off north\
of Seneca Falls.  I stopped in Seneca Falls to take a picture of the old
knitting mills building, and to take a tour of the Historical Society.  By time
I left SF, it was lunch time and I started looking for a place to have lunch.
I stopped at THE HILLTOP DINER, just west of Skaneateles and had an
open face Reuben Sandwich.

I arrived home a few minutes before five p.m.

the complete set of pictures is here:

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