Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Adventure

Wendy, Carrie and I set out this morning to do a self guided tour of barns in Delaware County, using a brochure I picked up a few years ago  BARNS OF THE CATSKILLS.  We drove first to Grand Gorge and then through Roxbury and looked for our first barns near Halcottsville and Margaretville.  We missed them, I am not sure how.  We even missed the ROUND Barn, which I recall as being VERY big.

Before going to Margaretville, we took a side road to see the Hamlet of Halcottsville.  We drove through the hamlet to the museum, but it was closed.  Coming back through, we stopped and I took several pictures.  Here is the old fire station.
Susan's Pleasant Pheasant Farm
   The post office is in this building.

Then we headed to Margaretville.  We were stopped by the Memorial Day Parade,
but were able to turn around and take another route.

We drove through New Kingston, and stopped so I could take photos.  Here is one: 
New Kingston is a very small hamlet that still has its own post office. Between New Kingston and Bovina Center, we stopped at this antique shop:
They did not have any small cobalt blue pieces or any hobnail salt dips.  

We drove through Bovina Center.  Russell's Store appeared to be very busy (it was right around noon).

Continuing on, we finally saw a barn listed in the brochure:  
It is a classic dairy barn.  Even though the "barn tour" did not work out, I was happy to get to see the quaint hamlets of Halcottsville and New Kingston.

We thought we might stop for lunch in Delhi, but instead decided to return to Oneonta.  Brooks was open, and not crowded.  I purchased one chicken dinner and an extra half of a chicken.  At home, Wendy, Carrie and I had chicken, fries, coleslaw, 3 bean salad, potato salad and Amish oatmeal cookies.  

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