Monday, May 19, 2014

COVENTRY and COVENTRYVILLE Adventure and MORE! 5/19/2014

I was able to arrange a visit to an old general store in Coventry and Betty agreed to go with me.  However, this morning she woke up feeling ill, so I looked for someone else to accompany me.  Mary was available and more than happy to join me.

We headed out on 88 and got off at Bainbridge, where we first went to THE FROGPOND.
 I bought some grapes, onions, melon, a tomato and some brocolli.  Mary bought a few items, also.
We then headed out 206 towards Coventry.

We arrived at the home of the family who owns the old general store a few minutes after 11:00 and he took us to the old store, right across the road from his house, on their property.  He purchased the small 1935 store a few years back and moved it to his place.  It was originally a few miles down the road in CHURCH HOLLOW.
The former name of it was THE BIG LITTLE STORE.  It had stood idle for about 50 years before the Berwicks purchased it. The original siding and one of the counters inside survived but for the most part the rest of the inside items have been added by the owners.  The outhouse came from another location.  He showed us around the rest of his property, and told us some of the history of the various buildings.  

Before we left, Mr. B told me the directions to two schoolhouses, one in Coventry and one in Coventryville.  We located both of them and I took pictures.  This is the one in Coventry.
 This is the one in Coventryville, which houses the Town of Coventry Museum.

We decided to go to Afton to the Afton Bakery and Grill for lunch, however when we got there, it was closed (because it's Monday).  I went into the variety store and asked a guy there if he could recommend another place to eat in Afton and he said HENRY'S just down the road.  So, we went there.  We were amazed at the low prices.

After lunch, we got on Route 7 and headed back to Oneonta.  I asked Mary if she knew how to find T.W.'s new house.  She said she THOUGHT she did, so we turned onto LOVERS LANE (somewhere near Babcocks).   We spent a bit of time going kind of around in a circle.  We saw another old schoolhouse in Sand Hill.  
It seems to be used as a community center now.   Eventually, we found the house we were looking for.  It is beautiful!

Then we headed back towards Oneonta.

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