Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1, 2014: Another Drive Across the State: from Oneonta to Lockport

I left my house at 8:30 a.m. and headed out.    My virst stop was at MARY'S PANTRY in Schuyler Lake, where I purchased two pieces of pie:  coconut cream and chocolate cream.  This trip, I went to Richfield Springs to drop off some books for Olivia Weaver.  I met her mother, and her new baby Violet Grace.  They invited me to stay for breakfast, but I had already eaten so I declined.

After that, I headed up 28 to Mohawk, where I got on the thruway.    I drove for a couple of hours, only stopping to eat a piece of pie.  I got off at Exit 43 and headed north to Palmyra.   I went to their history museum, to an old store, an old print shop and into the newer depot museum.  The store was magnificent, its like it was frozen in time.  The owner decided to close shop during WW2 when rationing coupons were introduced.  Many of the items that were on the shelves the day he closed the store (including eggs) are still on the shelves!!!!

Palmyra has some nice murals.
I decided to get back on the thruway instead of driving through or around Rochester.  I stopped around two p.m. and had a stromboli at one of the plazas.  I got off the thruway at the Depew exit.  I stopped at the new Niagara Produce and bought some groceries.

Peggy arrived at 17 a couple of minutes after me and helped me carry boxes in the house.  We ate supper together and then she was off to go to the World Day of Prayer Meet and Greet Event downtown.  I was too tired to go.  I was glad to find that I could connect to wifi that evening.

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