Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013 Stamford, New York ADVENTURE

I had some things to do this morning, including getting an oil change on my Pacifica, which only left the afternoon free for Peg and I to go out and have fun.  We decided to go to Stamford, New York.

When we arrived, we called the man in charge of the Stamford Historical Society and he met us at the old train depot.  He let us in and gave us a brief tour.  We were asking him for information about any old buildings we could go in when he offered to give us a personal tour of his victorian house.  It was amazing!  He and his wife bought the house and have restored it to look like it did originally (all except for the bathrooms).  It is full of antiques and their collections, and sits on a beautiful piece of property on Main Street.  They have named it Rose Crest. 

After that, I showed Peggy a couple of other old hotels that I had found earlier.  At the former Mountain View Hotel we met the owner who was working in the yard.  He said that another time he would take us inside, so we got his name and phone number.

More pictures taken today can be seen here:

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