Monday, June 3, 2013

Geocaching, the Bibliobarn and More: June 3, 2013

I met up with Leslie this morning at her house and we headed out.  Our first stop was Bloomville where we found four geocaches.  I think they were all part of the ALL ABOUT TOWN SERIES. The LIGHTENING STRUCK geocache was hidden practically across the road from THE BIBLIOBARN, so I suggested we stop in so Leslie could see the place.  She met H.L. and Linda (actually Leslie and Linda had met before at Leslie's church in Oneonta) and she bought a book for her father for Fathers Day.  While there, we learned that H.L.will be having surgery later on this month.  I paid $5.00 for a raffle ticket to win $1,000 worth of books.  I have been selling books to them for the past year or so in order to pare down my book collection BUT what fun it would be to be able to choose $1,000 worth of books at my favorite used book store: the Bibliobarn!  I hope I win.

 By then it was lunch time and we headed towards Delhi because there are restaurants to choose from in Delhi.  Along the way we tried to zero in on PADDLING AND LETTERBOXES, but when we realized it was on the other side of the creek/or river, we skipped it and continued into Delhi.  Luckless mentioned the Irish Pub and since I had never eaten there, I said "lets go there."  We did and we shared a turkey club sandwich and an order of sweet potato fries.  The prices are a little high for lunch, so I don't think I will go there again.
Then we found a puzzle cache in an old cemetery.  Luckless had a bit of an incident as we were leaving.  Her geocaching hat must cause her to have a "blind spot" and she hit the crown of her head because she walked right into the historical sign/marker.  She flew back and landed flat on her back.  I told her to stay down there until she caught her breathe and she did.  No blood, so no need for stitches, but she did have a goose egg.  I gave her my bottle of half frozen water to put against the spot, and hopefully it helped.  Luckless is a really good sport and she laughed at herself.  Anyways, the puzzle cache was fun.

After that we headed towards another cache, but got a bit lost and ended up driving a few back roads until we found ourself on Route 28 a couple of miles outside of Delhi.  We realized we were on the "other side"
of the creek and we located the spot where PADDLING AND LETTERBOXES is hidden.  I almost had an incident when I started to slide towards the water while looking.  We did NOT find this geocache.  We crossed back to the other side of the river via Fitches Covered Bridge and located the bookstore/cafe on Main Street, where we had red velvet cupcakes.  Leslie treated me to both lunch and desert at the Blue Bee Cafe and Steinway Book Store for my birthday! (we had red velvet cupcakes)  She is a great friend!  And, it was a great day!!!!!

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