Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stamford and Fleischmanns Adventure: June 15, 2013

Peggy and I met up with the guy we met the other day who owns the former Mountain View Hotel in Stamford.  He gave us a tour of the inside. We went all the way to the top, right into the room just below the huge weathervane.
He offered to drive us to the top of Mt. Utsayantha sometime!  I am not sure we will take him up on that!  At any rate, it was SO neat to see the inside of this former hotel.  Tom is making the old hotel  into apartments to rent out.  He sure has his work cut out for him.

Then we drove to Fleischmanns to go to the Fleischmanns Museum of Memories.  We arrived around 2:15, which was good since it closes at three p.m.  We really enjoyed this small museum.  The guy running it told us how to find two remaining old hotels, THE REGIS and THE PALACE. Here is a picture of the PALACE HOTEL The owner was on the front porch when we arrived, and we asked if we might go inside and look around, but she said she did not have time.  Darn!!! We also saw the freight building for the depot/railroad.  The depot was torn down a while back, but the freight storage bldg. still remains.
We stopped to see the synagogue and we stopped to take pictures of the old theatre and a small Mexican market/cafe.

We tried to find a geocache at the anti-rent historical sign, but were not successful.  Our last stop was at an interesting farmstand/auction house.

Supper was in Oneonta at BROOKS HOUSE of BBQ.  We arrived home around 7:30 p.m., tired but happy!  Peggy now understands why I enjoy exploring small villages, etc.!   Pictures I took today are here:

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