Saturday, June 29, 2013


Before leaving this area to move across the state, I thought it imperative to go geocaching in Vermont and New Hampshire.  This weekend turned out to be the time to do that.

I picked my friend Terry up at nine a.m. and we headed to Vermont.  We took I-88 until its northernmost end and then headed east.   Our first stop was at an interesting gift shop in HOOSICK, NEW YORK. The guy working the deli gave me a huge OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE as soon as I went through the front door!  Terry and I looked around for several minutes, and purchased a few postcards.  Then we kept going east towards Vermont.

Once in Vermont, we went to Bennington where we went to the Bennington Monument and Old First Church and then we stopped at an abandoned business which appears to have been a car dealership and we had lunch.  Then we went to HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS which is really cool.  Its an old time gas station with a building full of old cars on display.and then we went to North Bennington where we were able to locate a covered bridge.  After that we headed east on Route 9.  We stopped in Wilmington and did some geocaching.  One success and one DNF.  We had ice cream at Yazoo's. (this was the location of the geocache I could not find).

Then we headed to Brattleboro and our lodging.  Our room at the SUPER 8 turned out to be very nice, and after resting a bit (Terry fell asleep and she snores terribly)  we went out to dinner at the ROYAL DINER in North Brattleboro.  It is a very neat place, with good prices and our meals were very good.  Terry and I split a piece of carrot cake for desert.......absolutely delicious!!!

We stopped at a Hannafords so Terry could look for PRODUCT 19 cereal (no luck) and I went into a Rite Aid and got some earplugs.   Lights out around 9:30 p.m.  I was glad I had the ear plugs and I had a pretty good nights sleep.

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