Thursday, June 20, 2013


Leslie and I set out early this morning for The Roseboom State Forest, for some geocaching. It was our belated celebration of her birthday which was a week ago.

We found all four geocaches in this beautiful forest, which involved some but not a lot of bushwhacking. We also found this near one of the geocaches:  Then we headed towards Cooperstown.  There is a geocache hidden right outside a park I have always wondered about.  FOREST OF DOZEN DADS.  Leslie found the cache.  I hope to return someday and explore the park itself.  Then we found one on a bridge that was way up on a sign, you would have to climb on the railing to the bridge to reach it.  Sooooooo, we did not retrieve it, and were unable to sign the log.

It was around one p.m. and we decided it was time to "find" lunch.  Cooperstown was so busy with tourists all around and parking spots were at a premium, so we decided to ESCAPE COOPERSTOWN and head towards Oneonta.  On the way, we spotted REDNECK BBQ and checked it out and decided to have lunch there.  I had the fish tacos which were delicious.  Leslie was not as thrilled with her burger, though.  It was just too thick!!

We were going to look for a cache just outside of COOPERSTOWN DREAMS PARK, but once again too much traffic and too many people.  We stopped at POPS PLACE for ice cream and I brought out the chocolate marshmallow cupcakes I made last night.  After that we continued back to Oneonta.  It was a great day!  My complete set of pictures taken today are here:

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