Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last Day Adventure!

It came all too soon, my daughters and grandkids very last day in New York.  They have been here a little over two full months and now it is time for them to get back to the Island of Dominica in the Caribbean.

I took the kids out to breakfast.......which was really out for ice the VALLEY CAFE in Morris, which opened up about two weeks ago.  We had ice cream and pastries.  Then we headed out to do some geocaching.  I took them to find my cache DIMMOCK HOLLOW first.  Cassandra found it.  Then we went to THE MORRIS CREMATORIUM.......and Tyler found that cache.  The kids loved that area, they kept spotting interesting things: spider webs, mushrooms, a frog, etc.  The third cache we looked for was COUNTRY BRIDGE 3, but we did not find it.  It is a micro and none of us were really in the mood to look for a micro.  We headed back home and stopped at THE VALLEY CAFE and picked up some pastries for Megan and Chris.

Once we got home, I suggested that we paint some rocks.  We did that the last time the kids were here, and the first day they were here in July, Tyler asked if we could do it again.  But we were so busy doing other things and going places that we did not  get to it until today.  We spend the rest of the morning doing that until it was time to meet up with Mike and Tina at BROOKS for lunch.  Chris treated all of us to a great lunch.  I had the sampler platter.  I took this "family picture"  

Chris's brothers Ed and Randy came over for supper.  I prepared chicken nuggets and scalloped potatoes and sliced up a couple of fresh tomatoes.  I was not hungry and had a bit of a stomach ache, so I did not have supper.  A while later, I put out ice cream, brownies and the rest of Cassandra's birthday cake and we had that for desert.

After Randy and Ed left, Megan and Chris and the kids went over to Mike and Tina's house to drop off a bin of items that they will be storing for them, and to say goodbye.

They returned to my house, and we hung out for about 45 minutes until it was time for them to leave for the airport.  Cassy was very sad about leaving.

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