Thursday, September 13, 2012

WALTON, New York Adventure

It was a gorgeous early fall day and Leslie picked me up at ValueMotors where I was having the transmission in the Pacifica checked out.  We headed out towards Walton to do some geocaching, exploring, picture taking, have a picnic lunch and hopefully find a place to get a piece of pie.

The first geocache we looked for and found was a very good one in the woods at a large park.  Then we went to look for one that we knew was in poor shape or missing, but is at the site of the remnants of a horse drawn two man cable car. We didn't find that one, but it was neat to see the remnants of the the two man cable car that used to go across the river.  Someone should turn this into a zipline ride!!!   Then we found MORE STAGNATE, which is hidden in a gorgeous woods with lots of rock formations. (MORE WOODS PARK)  Our next geocache took us to a very nice rest area where we had lunch and found a geocache.  Then we found a geocache hidden behind a natural spring.  Unfortunately, the dry summer has caused the spring to dry up.   Leslie insisted that we look for a place to have pie so we went to downtown Walton and looked around.  .

We found a nice diner and they offered several kinds of pie.  I had strawberry crumb which was delicious and so big that I could not finish it.  Leslie was not as happy with her apple pie, which was a bit on the wet side and too sweet.

Then we headed back to Oneonta.  We stopped in a small hamlet to take pictures of a  cute little country church.  Leslie noticed a small cemtery in the woods behind the church, so we checked that out.  In front of a large garage like building on the other side of the parsonage, there are two old gas pumps that have been restored.  After passing through Franklin we stopped to take picture of a turnpike marker.

And then we headed back to Oneonta where Leslie dropped me off at Value Motors and I picked up my Pacifica, which got a clean bill of health! 

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