Saturday, September 22, 2012

Route 23 to Windham ADVENTURE!!!

Windham etc 087, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.
To celebrate Betty's birthday, Terry and I offered to take her out for the day. She could not come up with any ideas, so I planned out a day trip to Windham, New York.  I met up with the two of them at the convenience store in West Oneonta, they hopped into my car and we took off.  I told them that we were headed to Windham, New York and said that if they saw anything interesting that they wanted to stop at, to just say so and we would stop.

Our first stop was at a garlic farmstand, but we did not make any purchases.  I had stopped at this place a few years ago while on the way to Maplecrest with Judy, and at that time I purchased a bag of onions which turned out to all be rotten.

Our second stop was at a Military Vehicle Museum in Grand Gorge, New York.  The owner (Mike) let us in to look around even though the museum is not open yet.  He is working on setting it up and hopes to be in business in a year or two.

Mike's wife has some collectible items around the shop and Betty and Terry each bought an item.  I looked at ammo cans, but decided they were a bit too expensive ($20 - $25), so I did not get one.

In Prattsville, we stopped to go in the ZADOCK PRATT MUSEUM and at PRATT ROCKS.  The climb to the rocks is pretty difficult so we skipped it, but I walked down to Zadock's burial site.

We continued on our way to Windham.  We stopped at the first restaurant we saw THE CHICKEN RUN (I had read raving reviews on   The three of us had fried chicken, which was pretty good. Right next door to the restaurant there is a small antiques/collectibles shop so we went there next.  Betty found a small antique table which she purchased.   I set Misty's gnome between two buddha's in front of the store and took a picture.  Then we headed into the town of Windham.  I drove through it and we looked around.  Betty and Terry wanted to go in a couple of antique shops, so I parked in front of one and we agreed to meet back at the car in 45 minutes.  I walked up and down Main Street taking pictures of interesting buildings.  At a realtors office, I was able to pick up a map of Greene County.

All over Windham, there are statues of Rip Van Winkle like this one 
So, I located several and took pictures of them.

After that, Terry wanted to go to a corn maze.  We stopped to pick up bottled water and started following signs.  After twenty minutes we arrived at the farm that offers it, only to find out that the corn maze is closed today.  (in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday..........?)   So we headed back to Windham to go to the Catskill Mountain Country Store where we had pie and ice cream and walked through their HAY MAZE.

We stopped at a cemetery just outside of Windham, where I found a geocache.

Then we headed home, stopping in Ashland to see St. Josephs Chapel (the oldest catholic church in the Catskills) Windham etc 087 by JuneNYand the gravesite of the irish girls who perished in a fire.  This time, I peeked in the windows, where the Catholic statues are clearly visible.

When we got back to Oneonta, I took Betty to her apartment and we helped her carry her purchases inside.  I dropped Terry off at her car in West Oneonta and arrived home around 6:45 p.m.

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