Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday Fun

Someone at work had the idea to celebrate everybody's birthday at the same Kim started planning.  The plan was to go for lunch at THE CHINA BUFFET, draw names and each person get a small gift for another person, and then have an ice cream cake.

Today was the day!  And, it just happened to be Eileen's REAL birthday.  We all met up at The Chinese Restaurant just down the street and enjoyed their buffet, and then went back to FSA for cake and gift exchange.  I had purchased a set of scented candles for Anna.  I really lucked out with Mary having my name.  She got me a small head lamp to wear while urban exploring.  I can't wait to  try it out.  Here is the was delicious!!!

We set the cake and presents up here (in the space that just happens to be my office!!!

Here is Geneen opening her was a fall candy dish and some chocolates to go with it. 
It was a gorgeous day and while the others had to work all afternoon, I was free and I went out to find two geocaches.  I found the one at the florist shop on Grove Street, and then I found JUST FOLLOW THE CREEK, one that I had looked for three or four times before without success. 

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