Friday, August 31, 2012

A Taste of Roxbury ADVENTURE

I refer to this as a "taste" because thats all I feel I got today.  There is a lot more of Roxbury that I would like to see and do, including more geocaches.  Leslie and I set out this morning for Roxbury to do some geocaching and exploring. Our first stop was in Grand Gorge, where I found the cache WELCOME TO GRAND GORGE.  Leslie had already found it.

Before we got to the Village of Roxbury, we went to the burial site of Naturalist John Burroughs. We located the geocache (Boyhood Inspiration) and read the informational signs and visited his grave site, and then we drove back down the road to Woodchuck Lodge.

unfortunately it was not open for tours today. (even though the Oneonta Daily Star said it would be)

After that we headed into the Village of Roxbury and looked for a place for lunch. We picked Cassie's Cafe.  Our sandwiches were good, but it was close to a half an hour between ordering and delivery. After that, we were trying to take a different route to get back to the area of Jay Gould church (where there is parking for Kirkside Park where we were planning to geocache.  However, along the way we saw the ROXBURY DEPOT MUSEUM, and stopped to check it out.  The old train depot is being renovated and made into a museum.  
One of the artifacts preserved is the first flush toilet installed in Delaware County.

Then we parked at JAY GOULD CHURCH and entered KIRKSIDE PARK to look for four geocaches. We found DOLLHOUSE pretty easily and then headed towards INDIAN SHELTER. This one had been scattered, and we didn't know if it was still available.  Leslie climbed up the hill a bit to look for it but she could not find it.  We headed back and headed up hill via THE KINGS WALKWAY

That arch takes you to a series of stone steps set into the side of the hill, which take you to terraces.  

  There is a cache hidden WAY up there, but we did not make it all the way up.  Leslie needed to use a restroom and by that time, I had decided that I had climbed enough.  So, we headed down gingerly and slowly!!  I call it extreme hiking!

We still had one geocache to find KIRKSIDE, and we walked to that and found it pretty quickly.  Along the way, we saw this great blue heron. After that, we headed back to Oneonta.  We stopped in Grand Gorge and I took this picture of the vacant diner.  and then we stopped in Stamford so Leslie could find Genesis One.  It turned out that we each found five geocaches during this daytrip.  It was a really good day which included geocaching, a museum, John Burroughs graveside and retirement home and lunch out!

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