Friday, September 7, 2012


Carol K. and I both have birthdays in June.  We wanted to take a day trip including a nice lunch out in June, but circumstances kept intervening and we did not go in June.  Then I spent July with my daughter and grandkids (who live in the Caribbean and came to New York for the summer)  so I didn't have time.  August was pretty busy even though my daughter and grandkids were travelling much of the time, so we did not get to go in August, either.

FINALLY, today, September 7th worked out to be the day we both had a free day.  Carol picked me up
a little after 10:30 a.m. and we headed out towards Endicott (near Binghamton) where we knew we wanted to have lunch at PHIL'S CHICKEN HOUSE.  Carol knows the owner and had been given a coupon for a free meal.

Our first stop in Endicott was at the VISITORS CENTER, which is in a very nice old mansion, that later on was used as a college.

which is really a mueum highlighting IBM and ENDICOTT AND JOHNSONS.  We enjoyed that and then we went to look for West Endicott Park so we could see the old carousel.  When we arrived, we saw that the carousel was closed up.  But, Carol saw two workmen and asked about it, and they offered to open it up so we could see it.  We accepted their offer, and went inside the carousel house.  They turned the lights on so we could see better.  The carousel is

amazing!   I took this picture of Carol  We asked the guys how to get to THE CIDER MILL, which we had passed and they said to follow them so we did, and they escorted us right to it, and then they gave us directions to PHIL'S CHICKEN HOUSE.

Carol bought some apples at THE CIDER MILL and we both bought a donut.  Then we headed to PHIL'S CHICKEN HOUSE, where we had a nice lunch.  The chicken there is very much like BROOKS, but not quite as good, mostly because it did not come with barbecue sauce.  I had the salad and soup bar along with my quarter chicken and mashed potatoes.

After that, we decided to do some geocaching.  We found two out of three.  One was at a really nice
monument/memorial to soldiers and sailors, etc.  After that we headed to Binghamton to go to an art show featuring Carol's former daughter in law's work.  After that, we headed towards home, stopping at a nearby McDonalds for a cold drink.  We ate our donuts in the car after leaving McDonalds and both of us exclaimed about how delicious they were.  Mine was chocolate peanut.  Carol had maple peanut.

Then we headed back towards Oneonta, taking 88 most of the way, and then Route 7.  We went to FAMILY DOLLAR to pick up a couple items and then returned to my house.

It was a really fun day, but a bit on the tiring side (esp. since I did not have a good nights sleep last night).

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