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Weekend Trip: September 14-17, 2012

WeekendTRIPSept14_17 177, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.
Friday September 14th I headed to Lockport for the weekend. The purpose of the weekend was to help my sister with clearing out our Dad's old apartment, but I knew we would end up doing a few fun things!

I headed towards the Village of Cincinattus,since I had seen a picture of an old hotel on flickr that I wanted to check out.   I found Cincinattus pretty easily even though my GPS failed to recognize that village.  I found the old hotel, and took a picture........I even went inside thinking maybe I would have lunch there, but it was so generic that I decided not to eat there.  I went into an antique shop and also found a very nice cafe where I bought a couple pieces of pie and a loaf of wheat/berry bread.  I found the neatest fifties cafe in the Village of McGraw, and also a cool old cemetery behind a church.  

Unfortunately, I had already eaten my lunch (that I brought from home), but I went inside and looked around and talked with the owner, who is interested in my old kitchen table with the chrome around the edge. Another neat thing I saw was this:  

I arrived in Lockport around five p.m. or so and got myself settled into Dads old apartment, and Peggy arrived shortly.  We decided to go to DeFlippo's for supper.  I had never been there.  We had a very good meal: I had the eggplant parmesan and Peggy had baked fish.  We went to LAKE EFFECT ICE CREAM for desert later on.  I had two scoops, one of FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE AND ONE OF SALTY CARAMEL.

The next morning we tackled the kitchen cupboards.  We did a lot of sorting and basically emptied most of the cupboards.  We went to a flea market where Gail and Bob were selling some stuff, and had lunch there, and after that  we headed out for some serious geocaching!    After finding one (Mr.Z) we were lost in a wooded area next to a golf course and finally we emerged from the woods quite a distance from where we parked the car.  In spite of the long walk back to the car, it was a great afternoon!  When we finished up geocaching (I think we each found six), we went to NIAGARA PRODUCE and picked up a couple of items for supper and then to THE MARKETPLACE, which is a neat shop in what was originally a school.   Supper that night was salad, tuna sandwiches and corn on the cob.  We worked a bit more in the kitchen that evening and once again went to LAKE EFFECT ICE CREAM.  I had the same thing as the night before, but this time I had them put each scoop in a separate dish!

On Sunday we went to church and then to a soup/sandwich lunch at the church.  We went to see the play
NUNSET BOULEVARD at the PALACE THEATRE that afternoon . Peggy had won tickets for it.  The play was not all that good, but we stuck it out.  I enjoyed being in the theatre where I spent countless Saturday afternoons when I was a child, and I took several pictures.  

Gail came over for supper and to pick out some items from Dads kitchen to keep.  We had burgers and macaroni and cheese.  AND, Peggy went to LAKE EFFECT ICE CREAM and brought me home TWO scoops of Frozen Hot Chocolate Ice Cream.  YUMMY!

I headed for home Monday morning.  I spent some time in Caledonia when I noticed the BIG SPRINGS MUSEUM was open.  A woman working there gave me a brochure of a walking tour and I drove to some of the old buildings listed on it.  This was one of my favorites:  
Now a private home, it was once a tannery.  I also had lunch in Caledonia at a nice little cafe. I took several pictures in Caledonia, including this one which was in front of an antique shop.  WeekendTRIPSept14_17 177 by JuneNY And then I headed towards Route 20. I stopped at Tom Wahl's for an ice cream cone.
     I don't think I stopped to take any more pictures after Caledonia, but I did stop in Geneva, at a rest area on the lake, and took a short nap.
     I drove through McGraw and went to Cincinnatus on the way home, and then headed to Norwich and then to Morris and then home, with a stop at ARBY's in Norwich where I bought a snack and a drink.  I arrived home about 5:40 p.m.

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