Friday, May 19, 2017

Olcott Beach and More with Betty

Betty was on vacation this week so we set aside today to get together for a day trip.  Early this morning, we headed out 78 to Olcott  so we could check out the flooding, high water and damaged beach. 
Before leaving the KRULL PARK area we stopped to see YE OLDE LOG CABIN a recently built replica of one that was build in the late l800's.
We decided to head east towards Golden Hill State Park.  We stopped at Singer Farm Naturals
I wanted to find the location of  Camp Kenan since I plan to attend an event next month there. We were successful in finding it, and met the camp director and  talked with him a bit.  On the way to Golden Beach, we stopped at a garage sale.

At Golden Beach, we got in free because we are senior citizens!!  We took a tour of the lighthouse
including the light keepers quarters.
After leaving there we headed to the Amish Bulk Food Store.  It is CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAYS (today and tomorrow).  We had lunch, free ice cream and I bought some groceries. 

Then we headed back to Lockport, arriving a little before three p.m.  It was a very nice day! 

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