Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lunch Out and Solo Geocaching in Ransomville

I had lunch at KNEAD THE DOUGH in Ransomville today with eleven other "girls" mostly who graduated in l967 from LSHS with me.  It was such a gorgeous day that before I left Lockport, I found some info for some geocaches and a couple of waymarks.  I  had the chicken salad with a side of broccoli salad.  It was very good.  They offer baked goods and I bought two tarts and a cinnamon bun to take home with me.

I had intended to ask Mary Ann if she wanted to go geocaching with me, but I felt like going on my own, so I didn't ask her.  I found four geocaches around Ransomville, FADED MARKER SERIES #3, (at a cemetery)

, METHODIST (at a church just down the road from the cemetery),
GOGGLES PAESANO (at a race track) and MODEL CITY (at the Wetland Construction Project)

I found the location of a waymark (a lonely Hojack Chimney), but I could not see it from the road and the land was posted. 

I really wanted to see the relocated train depot waymark in Model City, but I was starting to feel tired so I decided to head for home instead. 

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