Monday, May 29, 2017


Peg asked me a couple of weeks ago if I wanted to do something on Memorial Day and I said YES, and that I would look around for some ideas.  Right now, Peggy lives close to Orleans County but soon she will be back in Niagara County, so I suggested we do some exploring and geocaching in Orleans County.

We headed out on 104 and found a couple of geocaches before getting to Brockport where we found another.  The one we found in Brockport was in a cemetery and the SWEDEN FARMERS MUSEUM is at that location, also.  By now we had gone through Orleans County and were in Monroe County.   Finding this waymark was really the highlight of the day.  A vintage general store and gas station on private property on Lake Road south of Brockport. 
and also a few old motel cottages and two outhouses
the outhouses are directly behind the little cabins.
here are a couple of more pictures from this location.

After we left Brockport, we headed west to Holley (and Orleans County) for geocaching, Holley Canal Falls Park (a manmade falls) and a picnic lunch.  We found the small park easily enough and had our picnic lunch:
 The name of the geocache was BRIDGE TO THE FALLS and here is a picture taken from the bridge.
As we were leaving Holley we saw this old train depot which is now a museum (I sure wish it was open)

Then we headed to Clarendon for more geocaching and another waterfalls. 
The cache we found in Clarendon involved walking a short way along a nice trail:
at this museum

After that we headed west towards Niagara County.  In Medina we stopped to see an old abandoned cement factory.  (I had urban explored it before, but Peggy hadn't)
I dropped Peg off at her house and headed home.  On the way, I stopped to see my cousin Becky and we visited for about a half an hour.  A few minutes after I arrived home, my brother, his stepson Dominic and Mike Pillot stopped by to get something out of the garage and we visited for a while. 

It was a great day.  We found five of the eight geocaches we looked for, saw two waterfalls, enjoyed the vintage general store and gas station and more!

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