Tuesday, May 9, 2017


It was bright and sunny, blue sky this a.m. and I was feeling pretty good, eleven days after my surgery, so I decided it was time to get myself  "out and about".  I called Pam and offered to buy her lunch in exchange for her picking me up and taking me out for a few hours.
She agreed!!!!!  YAY!!!!

Our first stop was BEAR BOTTOM WHOLESALE, who recently moved to a new and better location, right next to the old train station. 
The new location is very well organized and appealing.  I found a few PYREX items and I took pictures to show to Christa.  I also found two MAY Birthday Angels and I may go back to purchase one for Megan. 

We went to Molinaro's for lunch and split a small pineapple and ham deep dish pizza.  It was very good.  Between us, we ate half of it and we split the rest to take home. 

Then we went to the Kenan Center
for the THREE GENERATIONS OF BURCHFIELDS display.  It is very good!
I was pretty worn out and ready to rest by the time we left the Kenan Center, so Pam brought me home.  It was so good to get out there and do something.  And, as the picture above shows, the weather was very nice. 

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