Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday April 19, 2017 staying in Watkins Glen

Mary and I had a very inexpensive breakfast at Burger King and then decided to do some geocaching.  We could not get up Pine Street to get to St. Mary's Cemetery so we went to the Visitors Center on Main Street to get alternative directions. The girl was very helpful and she printed out the directions for us. 

We located the cemetery and cache location but were unable to find the cache (it would have meant climbing a slope in the woods, and I did not feel comfortable doing that plus it was starting to rain) but we checked out the  mausoleum.  A man who died in the Titanic and his wife who survived are buried here. 
and also it was starting to rain.  We decided to go to Elmira to see Mark Twain's Study at Elmira College.  We really enjoyed seeing the study, the exhibit and the beautiful college buildings. 

We looked for a Main Street or area with restaurants in Elmira but did not find either but we did find an interesting restaurant TAGS in Big Flats, New York. We split a cheese steak sandwich. In that same area, we went to OLDIES BUT GOODIES but were disappointed to find it more of a gift shop than a shop for antiques and collectibles. 
Then we headed back towards Watkins Glen. 

When we saw the BRICK TAVERN MUSEUM was open we stopped there. Actually, they were getting ready to close, but the woman working there agreed to stay open a little longer.
And then I backtracked a bit so we could see the LEE SCHOOL MUSEUM. 

Montour Falls to take a picture without the sun in my eyes.
After that we went back to our cabin at Seneca Lodge

This place is truly VINTAGE, with a few pinball machines and a jukebox that works.  The ice cream is homemade and very good.

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