Saturday, April 8, 2017

4/8/17 in Otsego County

Carol and I headed into Oneonta to meet up with Connie.  We had some extra time so we stopped at the DOLLAR TREE first and then went to Panera where we met up with her.  She treated us to a great breakfast.  We all had "souffles" which were really not souffles, but which were very good.

Leslie joined us at about 11:15 (bringing me a TUCO puzzle) and we all visited or a while.

Leslie, Carol and I went geocaching and found THREE OUT OF THREE.!  Then Leslie headed for home.  One of the geocache was behind this:

Carol and I went into a new shop we noticed HIDDEN TREASURES.  Carol purchased a recliner which they are holding for her. 
We went back to Carol's house and rested up a bit and then went to Oxford for a lasagna dinner at one of the churches.  Then we found two geocaches.  Carol found this one: 
It was a great day!

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