Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday April 20th, leaving Watkins Glen, heading for home.

Mary Ann and I packed up and checked out of our cabin and then went to a diner called CHEF'S for breakfast.  Then we started driving up the west side of Seneca Lake.  We saw a sign for a variety store so we stopped.

It was an Amish shop on an Amish farm.  I purchased a  couple of post cards.

We headed towards Penn Yan.  We went to DUTCH KUNTRY STORE (bulk foods)
and saw an Amish schoolhouse on the east side of Penn Yan.
We saw THE WINDMILL, but it was closed, went to THE QUILT ROOM
and then another larger bulk food store OAK HILL BULK  FOODS, they have a very nice café and lots of home baked items. 
I bought oranges, biscotti, and double chocolate zucchini bread.  Shortly after that we stopped at a rest area and had lunch.

In Penn Yan, we found two geocaches, one was on the backside of a HUGE griddle that had been used to make a huge pancake.
We went into an interesting shop/café, met a guy named ALEX who worked at the local library and was doing an outreach there.
When I showed him a postcard of a chapel, he gave us directions there.  Eventually we found the chapel.
It was getting late so we decided to head towards home.  We went through an Amish area
in or near Potter, NY.............there were many Amish wagons on the road and we passed a farm where there were many buggies parked. 

Had supper at THE ALABAMA HOTEL in Alabama.............very good.  I arrived home
at 7:45 after dropping Mary Ann off at her place. 

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