Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017

 It was a VERY BUSY WEEKEND.   In the middle of the week, Megan and Chris and my grandkids decided to come to Lockport for the weekend.  Megan said I could fix the kids Easter Baskets!!!!

Carrie arrived home around four p.m. on Saturday.  Megan and her family arrived at about 6:45 p.m.  Chris, the kids and I went to Lake Effect Ice Cream and they called that their supper. 
  I skipped church and prepared an oven pancake and served it with fruit for Sunday morning breakfast.   I gave the kids their Easter baskets as well as their Christmas gifts since I did not see them this past Christmas.    They used the air brush sets and seemed to enjoy them.  Then I suggested they choose a TUCO puzzle to put together. 
Chris was in the mood to do some household chores so he repaired a few things and
cleaned out the garage and even got the electric garage door opener working!

My guest list included Megan and family, Carrie, David and Peg, my cousins Becky
and Steven and Karra.  We enjoyed ham, pineapple stuffing, sweet potatoes, muffins,
corn, applesauce, mac and cheese and Chris made cheesy potatoes.  For desert there was carrot cake, chocolate peanut butter pie and strawberry rhubarb pie, as well as tapioca pudding.  The table and counter were not sufficient, so some of us ate in the living room. 

Chris encountered a mysterious chest in the back corner garage and pulled it out.  A few treasures were found.  I got a charge out of this childhood picture of me. 
A couple of other pics I took:
 As you can see, the weather was perfect!!!!

All in all it was a great day!!!! 

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