Saturday, April 1, 2017

APRIL FOOLS DAY 2017 Adventure with Peggy

I was reading the newest issue of  BUFFALO SPREE the other day and most of it was about the Polish neighborhood in Buffalo.  I came across a blurb about THE BROADWAY market and was
reminded that I have wanted to go there around Easter ever since I heard about it.  I immediately called Peggy and asked if she was free and she agreed to accompany me!!!

She picked me up and we headed to Buffalo. We found the place
without any problems and parked in the parking garage and walked to the escalator.  We were totally overwhelmed at how large and colorful and noisy it was!
We checked everything out, including sampling some sweet wines from a few area winerys.  We decided to get lunch at Babcia's Pierogies
because  they offered latkes.  However, by the time we got there, they were all out of them.  We got an order of pierogies
and shared them and then we each had a slice of warm placek.

Both were outstanding.  

Then we continued looking around.  We split up for  while and I purchased a CRYSTAL BEACH sucker and two hand painted Easter eggs.  Peggy purchased some sausage and some fresh fruit.    We met up at the top of the escalator and exited the market.  Then we went to Aldi's and Peg picked up the other items she needed.

We did some geocaching in the Larkinville area.........we found three geocaches. We did not take the log out of this nano since we thought it would be too difficult to replace.
And then we went to St. Stanislau Roman Catholic Church
which is the "most polish place in Buffalo" according to Buffalo Spree magazine.  Indeed, it is beautiful inside
and I took a lot of pictures and then we headed back to Lockport.  Peg dropped me off at my house.

Later on, I went to Peg and David's place for a spaghetti and meatball supper, it was very good.
It was a great day!!!!!

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