Saturday, November 12, 2016

Volunteers Brunch at the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village

My friend Pam and I did some volunteer work for the museum this past August (The Scottish Festival on a VERY hot day).  We were invited to this event to honor volunteers which took place from nine until noon at the museum.

Upon arrival each guest was given a small gift and a ticket to put in for drawings for various items.  There were speakers and a few awards.   The Quilters Guild showed a quilt that they made, a reproduction from a l849 quilt.  Here is the original quilt
and here is the one they recently completed: 
A very nice brunch was served, and then athey drew names for the prizes.

Pam and I walked around outside and I took a few pictures of some of the buildings.   

and we looked at some of the inside exhibits.

We stopped at NIAGARA PRODUCE before heading back to Lockport. 

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