Sunday, November 20, 2016

Joint Service with Refuge Temple and BUFFALO CELEBRATES ISRAEL (Sunday 11/20/16)

This morning Faith Tabernacle and Refuge Temple (a black congregation in Lockport) held a joint service at Faith Tab.  The sanctuary was pretty full.  The service was really good.  Here is Pastor Craig with Pastor Mark Sanders.
Nobody really preached.  They conversed and asked each other questions.  I was particularly impressed when Craig asked Mark about racism.  He said that Satan causes racism in order to keep people divided.  

Later on in the day I met up with Peggy and Vicky and the other Carolyn in order to go to an event in Buffalo.  BUFFALO CELEBRATES ISRAEL, at The Tabernacle, sponsored by Eagles Wings.  
Peg had arranged to use the church van to take a larger group, but several people cancelled due to the bad weather.  She decided to use her car instead.
It was a wonderful gathering of Christians and Jews and a good opportunity for Christians to show their support for Israel.

Here is Ambassador Dani Dayan, the Consul General of Israel to New York.   He was the keynote speaker.
The service ended a little after eight p.m. and we headed back to Lockport.  

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