Thursday, July 9, 2015

RAIN RAIN GO AWAY Adventure in Middleport, NY 7/9/15

Chickie and I had tentatively set today as a geocaching day and we were disappointed to wake up to a cool and rainy day.  I really wanted to get out and about, so I suggested we still go and take umbrellas, and she agreed.

We met up at my house and headed towards Middleport.  We found the first four geocaches in the rain.  Two of them were in very old cemeteries:  THE STEWART CEMETERY has some very old graves.  I had forgotten my camera
but another geocacher took this picture:
 and this one 
and the North Ridge Cemetery.
  One of the others was near a vacant COLD STORAGE in Middleport.  And one was under a bridge over a creek in a very nice park.  I  think it is behind town offices.  That one was a bit tricky because of the wet grass on a sloped surface but I braved it.  I could not see it from where I finally stopped and held onto the bridge but Chickie told me how to reach and feel for it and finally grab and retrieve it.  

Then we decided it was lunch time and headed to Middleport where we found the ALTERNATIVE GROUNDS CAFE.
I had one of the specials which was basically a Greek Gyro, and it was very good.  Chickie ordered a steak sandwich after finding out that they not have all the ingredients necessary for a reuben.  Her sandwich was absolutely HUGE!  She only ate half of it.  

Then we checked out the two other places to eat in Middleport (for future reference).....PONY'S IRISH PUB and VILLAGE PIZZERIA.  Apparently PONY'S used to have a different name but still has great chicken wings (according to Chick).  

By this time, the rain had stopped and we went to find the cache OLD PIONEER on the other side of Middleport, near a NYS Informational Sign.    And then we headed back to Lockport.

HIP HIP HOORAY !  Back in Lockport, we decided to try to find FORK IN THE ROAD, which we had looked for twice before without success.  This time, I found it right away (so fast that I don't think Chickie believed me when I yelled I FOUND IT).  

It was a great geocaching day!!!!!

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