Friday, July 31, 2015

Harrison Place and Kenan Center: July 31, 2015

My friend Pam and I went out for a few hours today.  Our first stop was at HARRISON PLACE to go to BEAR BOTTOM ANTIQUES and LOTTA BOOKS.  We went into the book store first.  Its really more than a book store, the owner (who is very friendly) has a lot of other items for sale.  We talked with him a while about his collection and I purchased a small tin tray with a picture of the HODGE OPERA HOUSE on it for $1.00.

We spent more time in the BEAR BOTTOM and I purchased a four items totalling $3.50.

Then we had lunch at COUSINS CAFE.  We split a sub and then shared a piece of custard pie.  Both were very good.

Then we went to the KENAN CENTER
to the art gallery so we could see the ONTARIO PLAIN GROUP OF TWELVE.
 The Kenan House is beautiful both inside and out.

Here are some pictures of their gardens.

By the time we were done at the Kenan Center, it was starting to get VERY hot outside, so we called it a day

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