Saturday, July 11, 2015

Little Italy ADVENTURE 7/11/15

This morning I went to the Lockport Community Market (specifically to purchase some sour cherry preserves) and then to the SWEET CHALK FESTIVAL, which started this morning.

Then I met up with my cousin Becky at my house and we headed to Niagara Falls, NY.  My goal was to go to the LITTLE ITALY NIAGARA has been listed in the Union Sun and Journal for several weeks, along with an address and that it is open on Saturdays from noon until four p.m.

We found the address, and it was a convenience store.
 Occasionally, I have seen tiny museums in stores or restaurants so we went inside to ask.  The guy working there did not seem to know what we were talking about.

Then we went to the COMO RESTAURANT for lunch.  Becky had the eggplant parmesan and I had a meatball sandwich.  My sandwich was good, but not spectacular.  It came with home fries, which I did not like and did not eat.

Then we went to see the PROPHET ISAIAH'S SECOND COMING HOUSE.  It is probably the most colorful building in Little Italy, maybe in all of Niagara Falls, NY.

And then I located the arch which signifies the entrance to LITTLE ITALY
.  I quickly found a geocache there.

Right across the street from where we were parked we saw the NIAGARA ARTS and CULTURAL CENTER.  It is in an old high school.  Becky and I both enjoyed the BEYOND THE BARREL Exhibit on the first floor.
Also, there was the GARDEN EXHIBIT upstairs that did not interest us a lot.  It was neat walking around inside the old high school,  It has not been redecorated or restored. 

We also went to FRANKIE'S DONUTS.  I was glad they offered peanut cream donuts.  But they are not quite as good as PAULA'S peanut cream donuts.

It was a terribly hot day and we were both  getting tired, so we headed back towards Lockport, taking a different route.

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