Saturday, July 25, 2015

OLD OLCOTT DAYS: July 25, 2015

My parents used to take us kids to Olcott Beach often when we were kids.  We usually picnicked and swam.  Occasionally, we would go on the rides in one of the small amusement parks.  My grandparents also took me there at least once when I was older.  AND, my friend Jane and I drove out there once or twice during summer vacation from high school.  So Olcott Beach holds a lot of memories for my family.

This was my first opportunity to go to an annual event (since around the year 2000) OLD OLCOTT DAYS.   I asked both of my sisters to go with me.  They said yes, and Peggy brought her husband, David, along.

We started out with lunch at MARINER'S LANDING. It was very good (we all head either fish fry or broiled fish).
We went into a few of the shops.  
This was very interesting:  

I think the best part of the event was the historic trolley ride.  A narrator told about various buildings and locations, with accompanying
photographs.  The narrator is the owner of IMAGES FROM THE PAST a very nice gift shop which has a small museum upstairs  Here are a few pics from the museum: one of the original windows from the trolley.

end pieces from logs which were in the old log cabin, which was demolished and is now being replaced with a replica and a photograph of the trolley from way back in the early twentieth century.  
It was a fun afternoon, but it was SO HOT, we finished up around three thirty p.m. and went back to Gails house in Burt.  On the way home, I stopped for a small custard cone at Reids.

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