Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Adventure

Peg and I decided to get together and have some fun today.  I chose several geocaches between Lockport and Lewiston and we headed out.  Our first find was an earthcache
Thats me pointing at "the escarpment".  The next geocache was an easy one at a winery.  Then we went to Niagara County Community College and looked for two geocaches.  Both of them would have required more bushwhacking than we wanted to do, so we moved on.

We drove through the Tuscorara Indian Reservation in search of a burger joint that Megan and Chris and the kids went to called SMOKIN' JOES.  What we found was more than one Smokin' Joes locations and none of them had a burger place.  As we left the reservation, we saw these two signs: 

I don't know what all that is about.

In Lewiston, we found that DeCamillo's was open so we went in and bought some sweets.  The cashier recommended the BRICKYARD for lunch so we checked it out and decided to eat there.  We each ordered a sandwich and shared them.  
The sweet potato fries were delicious and so was the cornbread.  I thought the sandwiches were a bit too light on the quantity of meat, but they were very good anyways.   
After that we went to HIBBARDS where we each had a small frozen custard cone.  Absolutely delicious!  

On the way home, we looked for a couple more geocaches and found one of them.  When we got back to Lockport we retrieved the geocache we hid last week from THE STAIRCASE TO NOWHERE, since it was rejected by the NY Administrator.  Oh well!

It was a good but tiring day, probably because it was so darn hot!

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