Saturday, September 27, 2014


A couple of weeks ago, I found an old schoolhouse
that is used for the Hartland Historical Society and while I was exploring it, I found out that they had a Fall Festival coming up.  Peggy suggested we go to the festival and I agreed.

It turned out to be a very nice INDIAN SUMMER day.  On my way out to meet up with Peg, I stopped at a great yard sale and bought three glass/china items. I met up with my sister, Peggy, at her house just down the road from the schoolhouse and we went.  We had only been there a few minutes when our cousin, Becky, walked in so she joined us.

They had lots of food available including chicken chowder.  They offered a Chinese Auction:
I bought ten dollars worth of tickets and
divided them up between a four slice toaster and a decorative fall plate and gourds.  

The turkey dinner was delicious.  
The music was just starting up when Peggy and I left.
Joe Szalay and and the Creek Side Musicians.

    Peggy and I drove around the area a bit, since I have not seen much of it.  She pointed out a few Amish farms/businesses.  We decided to do some urban exploring of a building she and Dave had noticed several days ago on Rose Road.  We parked at St. Patricks Cemetery and walked the half mile to the site.
with all of these around: 
We explored the cemetery a bit, looking for a suitable spot for a geocache and then headed back to Peg and Daves house.  

On the way home, I stopped to take a picture of this old silo 
The owner was selling pumpkins and vegetables nearby and he said people are always stopping to take pictures of it.  He said there used to be a huge barn behind it, which he had torn down.  

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