Friday, September 26, 2014

Erie Canal Adventure: 9/26/14

My sister, Gail, and I set today as the day to take a two hour boat cruise on the Erie Canal.

I had some errands to run and then had some extra time before meeting up with her, so I went to the Art Galleries on Market Street.  I knew they were in an old building,

but I didn't know the significance of the building and I didn't know that many pieces of old equipment, etc. are still in the building, as well as some original work areas that have not been covered over.

There are several small galleries and I saw some very good and very interesting artwork including this.
I met up with Gail at REID'S for lunch....I had a white hot with onions and sauce, fries with sauce and a chocolate milkshake.  

Then we headed to CANALSIDE (a party house where they also offer boat tours of the canal).
We purchased tickets and boarded at 12:30.  First we headed west and passed through the locks and then we went a mile or maybe more and returned, going through the locks a second time.  Then we continued past CANALSIDE, all the way down to WideWaters.  
It was a great tour.  It was neat to see the canal from a different perspective.  Here are some of my pictures.  
rear view of some stores on west Main Street.
view of the canal from the "bow" of the ship!
our captain!   
this is the famous upside down

this is the locks opening up for our return trip.
some fall color on the south side of the canal in Lowertown.  

The highlight of the cruise/tour was when I got to sing along with that old Erie Canal Song.....
I don't know the name of starts "I have got a mule and her name is Sal....."
"fifteen miles on the Erie Canal" and "Low bridge, Everybody down"  Also, seeing these old remains of a very old structure was pretty neat.  
My complete set of pictures is here:

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