Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Amish Hall Tree Shopping and More: September 16, 2014

It was a glorious fall day, and I decided I must get out and do something.  First, I went over to visit my Uncle Bob and Aunt Hiroko.  We had a nice visit and Uncle Bob showed me pictures of his Uncle Willy, who I never met.  He also gave me a few old photographs.

I decided it was time to try to find a Amish made coat tree.  I located the Amish area near Medina (using a map on the back of a brochure for Miller's  Bulk Food and Bakery. (where I had stopped bo buy a melon).   The map  took me to Murdock Road where I found OHIO CRAFT FURNITURE.

I found what I wanted and made my purchase.   The Amish woman who sold it to me helped me get it in my car.  She referred to it as a "hall tree".  

I headed back towards Lockport on Ridge Road.  At the corner of Carmen Road, I saw a sign for District #10 Schoolhouse Historic Site.  I turned and drove down hoping to find it.  I did find it and then realized that I had seen it before, since it was just down the road from Dave and Peggy's house. (so now I was in Middleport)
I was surprised to see a few cars and people around.  As I was taking a picture of the school,

a woman came out and invited me in.  She told me that they are getting ready for their FALL FESTIVAL which will be September 27th from 11 - 5.  She showed me a desk that is original to the building.  Another woman gave me a flier for the event.  They were making chowder and it smelled heavenly.  The outhouse behind the school has been restored. I am going to try to go to the fall festival.
I found my way back up to Ridge Road. When I got to the "four corners of "Johnson Creek" I noticed this NYS historical sign.
 here is a view of the creek itself.
I continued on and  I stopped at a cemetery I have seen a few times before, but now I had time to stop so I did.
 I think it is just outside of Jeddo............
Further along the Ridge, I stopped at a very nice farmstand and bought two small pumpkins for $3.00. Somewhere on the Ridge, I stopped here 
hoping to buy a chuck roast, but they did not have any.  They do, however offer some ready made food along with various grocery items.

It was lunch time by now and I was starting to get hungry.  My original idea had been to go to Lock City Pizza for a slice, but I was not anywhere near it and could not get there without going out of my way.  

So, I stopped at REID'S and bought a burger with sauce and a slice, an order of onion rings and a REAL chocolate shake (one they made up from ice cream, instead of pumping the mixture out of a machine).  It was very good.

The HALL TREE fits perfectly into the spot I picked out for it!  

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