Monday, August 25, 2014

"Rubens kids" Adventure ! (plus two)

When I was 18 and needed a place to live while attending THE ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE, I connected with a single mother with six children (the RBI hooked us up)....and agreed to live with her and her six children and help out in return for room and board.

I moved to Rochester and into this house on Berkeley Street. (this is a recent picture, it looked a lot different back then)  My bedroom was on the top floor (those two windows were right over my bed) and I had my own bathroom.
to live with Marcia Rubens 
and her six children.  
The oldest was Debby (age 12), then Cindy (age 11), Pam (age 10), then the boys: David (9), Danny(8) and Aaron, who was three years old.  I stayed for close to two years while I completed a one year course in Medical Secretarial Science (I think thats what it was called) and found a job and paid off a school loan and put some money aside for a place of my own.  

Unfortunately, I lost touch with the family.  I married and started my family, and they moved away from Rochester.  Over a year ago, I started looking for them on facebook, and we finally made contact a few months ago.  Unfortunately, Marcia passed away in l990 at age 55.  She had a seventh child, Jennifer, who I have also gotten to know through facebook.  

Five of the six grown Rubens kids came  to Rochester a week or so ago to attend a Bat Mitzvah of a cousin and we arranged to meet up in Batavia for lunch.  

I left mid morning to head to Batavia.  I arrived first and anxiously awaited  their arrival.  I was so excited that I could not even sit down.  They arrived in two cars.  Danny had brought his wife, Elsie and his son, Kevin, along.  

We all had beef on weck and sat outside on the patio.  We reminisced about our memories of the time I spent with them.  We caught up on what has been going on in all of our lives.  It was so much fun.  Pictures were taken.  
from left to right, Deb, Cindy, me, David, Danny and Aaron.  If only Pam could have been there!  

We went to COFFEE CULTURE to have desert.  I had ice cream.  Debby gave me a CD of a band she was in years ago (she was the drummer).  Then we parted and they headed off to Niagara Falls and I headed home.  
It was a wonderful time!  Goodbye Rubens kids!!!!

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