Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gasport Adventure

It was too nice a fall day to NOT spend some time outdoors!  After Bible study, several of the ladies went out to lunch, but I declined because I could not bear to be inside any longer.

I picked up a slice of pizza at THE VILLAGE EATERY and a large drink at the convenience store next door and headed out towards Gasport.  I located the winery where my niece will be married this coming Saturday evening (so that I will know how to get there on Saturday) and kept going.  Before getting to the Village of Gasport I stopped at this farmstand
(White Pines Nursery) and purchased a few gourds and one ear of indian corn (is that what they call it?).  I proceeded on towards Gasport and I saw signs for BECKER FARMS and decided that since I was already in the area, it was a perfect time to check it out.  On the way there, I passed some magnificent ruins (of an old mill) and decided to stop on the way back.  

I thoroughly enjoyed BECKER FARMS..
....and walked around for close to an hour seeing the sights.  I bought a "paint your pumpkin" kit to have on hand when my grandkids visit next month.  (I hope my four small pumpkins last that long).  Here are some of the many pictures I took:
I am not sure what this building is used for but there were rows of seats in behind the railing.  
1894 barn
NEXT STOP, the remains of the old mill 
 Royalton Historical Society Informational Sign for the flour and saw mills

This was once an active mill district. From 1812 through 1965 there were flour, grist and saw mills. 
Royalton Historical District Informational Sign.
Pretty much adjacent to the old building, but across the creek I stopped at this gift shop:
 The outhouse still has a "seat" in it.  The gift shop was closed. I hope to go in it another day.
On the way back to the Village of Gasport, I stopped at this farmstand and bought two more gourds.  

Once back in Lockport, I stopped at NIAGARA PRODUCE and bought some sweet corn and a tomato.  

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