Saturday, August 23, 2014


Peggy and I decided to do some geocaching today.  I had found info. about several geocaches hidden in or near Getzville.   The first one was one of the "bee" caches, but it might be missing since we could not find it.  The second was another "bee" cache which we found easily.  Then we found another one not too far away that involved a bit of a hike off of a dead end street.  Then we headed

Getzville, New York is a hamlet in the Town of Amherst in Erie CountyNew YorkUSA.[1] Getzville's zip code is 14068, and has a post office located on Millersport Highway (NY 263)  It is northeast of Buffalo. (according to wikipedia)

We found OLD GETZVILLE quickly and easily and went into a couple of antique/collectible shops nearby. This one is particularly interesting.  I bought a colorful plate.
 They are all getting ready for a huge flea market which will take place tomorrow.  One of the shop
owners recommended a nearby restaurant, but we checked it out and decided against it.   
   We looked for one more geocache but could not find it.  Peggy drove us to an area where there are a lot of stores and restaurants and we saw KYOTO
A quick check of the menu helped us decide to stay and have HIBACHI.  
It was delicious!!!!!

After lunch we headed back to Lockport where we went to Aldi's for a few items and then to Faith Tabernacle to  pick something up.  

AND THEN we went to a location which Peggy found recently where there is a STAIRWAY to NOWHERE.  We hid a cache there:  
This is the third on our NOWHERE series.  Both Road to Nowhere and Bridge to Nowhere are very popular!  

It was a great day!!!

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