Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another LEWISTON Adventure (including geocaching)

I asked my cousin (second) Becky if she wanted to go out today for lunch and to the Lewiston Museum.  She said yes and arrived at my place at 10:30 this morning and we headed out. After we were sure we were on the right road, I asked her if she was interested in trying out geocaching and she enthusiastically said "yes!"

Our first stop for a geocache was at a winery where we found a large geocache in a pile of rocks close to the road.  Becky really enjoyed this one.  The second stop was at the Molyneaux Cemetery on Route 104 in Cambria.  This one took a bit longer to find, but we got it and then looked around the cemetery a bit.  This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this:
When we left this cemetery, we headed towards Lewiston.  We stopped briefly at THE FRONTIER HOUSE, hoping that it had a restaurant, but it didn't. so we continued to THE SILO.  We both had THE HAYSTACK (the second time this month for me).  Becky really liked the wooden carved bears around THE SILO and THE CABOOSE!  

Then it was on to the LEWISTON MUSEUM: 

This is a very well planned out museum which tells the story of the history and development of Lewiston from the beginning.  The most interesting part was about Lewistons connection to the Underground Railroad.  

As we left the museum, I suggested  to Becky  that we go to Hibbards for frozen custard. Unfortunately, they did not have chocolate peanut butter cup, so we both had black raspberry, which was delicious.  

 As we were leaving, I realized there was a cache nearby...and it turned out to be right in the park across the road from Hibbards.  

We stopped for one more roadside cache which turned out to be huge.  Becky found this one all by herself and she was thrilled.  

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