Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday April 13th, 2014

Kind of a laid back day.  Peg and I went to church.  We arrived early because Peggy had stuff to do.  I decided to take a walk while waiting for church to start.  Former Pastor Wayne Dent spoke....he talked about the early days of his Christian experience, including Pastor Don Riling and Brockport Christian Center.  I felt like standing up and hollering "and I was there, too"...which I was.  Brockport Christian Center was where I met Jesus and became a Christian in l972.  I think that was the year Wayne and Sharon left CC and moved to PA, where they started a church.

After church I went back to 17 and put supper in the crockpot (which I had forgotten to do first thing in the morning).  Then I met up with Peggy and David at church and we went to the Village Eatery for lunch.  I had the eggplant parmesan, which was very good.

Back at 17, I took a nap and did a bit of "putting stuff away".  Betty came over for supper, bringing kaiser rolls and a desert pizza from PIZZA HUT.  The pulled bbq beef sandwiches were great!

The finale to my day was watching CALL THE MIDWIFE and MR SELFRIDGE on PBS.

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