Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday April 11th in Lockport

I had an appointment at OPPORTUNIES UNLIMITED in Niagara Falls this morning.  The appointment went well.  Then I located the LOVE CANAL area using coordinates given for a geocache hidden in the  area.

I met up with an old
friend from junior high, Alice (Chickie) Schank at Wagners on Park Avenue.  I had the beef on weck, which was very good, along with the sweet potato fries.  Chickie and I had not seen each other since around l970 or 71 when we ran into each other at a drive in theatre in or near Lockport. We had a great time...............she is interested in exploring and especially urban exploration.

In the afternoon, I worked in my new apartment, cleaning out the two closets and the bookshelves in my bedroom.

Peggy had plans to go to a birthday party for her fiancee's grandson, so I made other plans.
I met up with another old friend from junior high, Barbara (Bidleman) Lindke at the SUGAR SHACK.  I had the fish fry which was very good.  Then Barbara came over to see my new apartment and I showed her a little bit about what can be done with internet.

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