Thursday, April 10, 2014

Drive from W. Laurens to Lockport (4-10-14)

I left at ten a.m.  First stop: at Community Bank in Morris, where I cashed in $104 worth of rolled coins.  SECOND STOP: Bridgewater to fill up on gas.  Then I drove on 20 to Morrisville and then drove north through Peterboro to get to Canastota where I stopped at DUNN'S BAKERY and bought a couple of donuts.  On the way to the thruway, I stopped at a convenience store and bought a half gallon of milk.  I got on the thruway and stayed on it until the LYONS exit.  Got off and drove north through Alloway, Just before Lyons, I stopped to take a picture of a helicopter outside a VFW building.    Then I continued through Lyons up towards 104.  I located the cobblestone school in Wallington, and then found some old farm gas pumps that I read about on  and then located an old abandoned mill near Sodus Center.  Continuing on, I went to the HELLUVA GOOD CHEESE COUNTRY STORE.  On to Sodus Point where I located the lighthouse.  While finding my way back to 104 I saw a huge old abandoned factory.  Not totally abandoned, it looked there are a few yachts stored inside an area that is all open in the front.

On to Ontario, New York to find a virtual geocache at Heritage Square Museum.  New Yorks largest sugar maple tree!  It is in an old time village.  I took several pictures of some of the buildings.  That was my last stop before the final drive to Lockport.

I arrived at 17 about a half hour before Peggy got home from her conference at Elim Bible Institute in Lima, New York.  Peggy and I went to the CUP AND SAUCER for spaghetti (its all you can eat for $2.00 on Thursday nights).  We stopped and bought a pint of ice cream at a 7/11.  When we got back to 17, we found that Janie had left us a couple of Easter cookies.

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