Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday April 12th in Lockport (Peggy's Bridal Shower)

Peggy and I worked more on my apartment this morning.  I set up my stereo system and got it running.  I wanted to go to REID'S for lunch and Peggy is not fond of their food (because it is so darned unhealthy), so we went to SUBWAY on the way to REID'S.  However, Subway was crowded so we both ate at REID'S.  I had a white hot with sauce, fries with sauce and a small loganberry drink. Then we returned to 17 to get ready for Peggy's bridal shower.

We picked Janie up and went to the church for the shower.  It was SO much fun!  Our table consisted of Peggy, Janie, me, Betty and Megan.   The best part was the toilet paper wedding gown contest.  Each table close one person to make a gown for.  OF COURSE, our table chose Peggy.  It was a lot of fun.  Andrea won the contest.  Here is a picture of Peggy:

The food was great, the deserts were sensational.  Peggy received a lot of beautiful presents, and a lot of gift cards for various restaurants and stores.  She seemed to be really happy with the check I gave her to pay her hairdresser when she goes to have her hair colored a week before the wedding!

I took Janie home and and then went to TOPS to buy a few things.  Peggy and Dave arrived at 17 a bit later on and Peggy showed me all of her wedding gifts.

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