Saturday, August 10, 2013

Plants, baked goods, vegetables and bbq chicken ADVENTURE

Carol, Carrie and I planned a picnic at Norton Park.  I packed up what we would need and we headed towards New Berlin.  We stopped at the supermarket and I went into the deli and purchased salads and deserts and then we headed north on 8 to the site where the Methodist Church was grilling chicken halves and selling them.  Traffic was kind of a nightmare because of all the people heading to the "races" just beyond where the chicken was being sold.    We arrived at Norton Park and had a very nice picnic lunch in the small pavillion.
  When we were done and packed up, I noticed a building which I thought might be rest rooms, but it turned out that it was an old train depot that is being restored.  Here is a pic:  
     After that, Carol wanted to go to PURE COUNTRY CAMPGROUNDS for a few minutes so she could talk to a guy about going to Richfield Springs to pick up a trailer she wants to buy.  While she was doing that I walked around and took some pictures.    We stopped at an interesting old cemetery just outside of the campground, on Kelly Road near Hemlock Road.
     Then Carol wanted to go see if the place near Leonardsville where she used to pick apples is going to be open this fall (apparently, it was not open last fall).  Turns out it will be opening on September 15th.  Further down the road we went to Sirko's Greenhouse.  Since it is so late in the season, they are practically giving away their summer flowers.  I bought a few for fifty cents each and Russell Sirko gave me a few more.
     Carol wanted to take a ride down a road she has never been on, so we went back to 8 and turned at Unadilla Forks. and then right on County Road 18.  We passed several Amish owned properties.  We stopped at YODERS FARM STAND and I purchased some potatoes from an Amish boy named Aden.  He pointed out the school he goes to, which was pretty much next door to where he lives.  Further down the road, we stopped at another stand, where their were Amish baked goods. Amish Baked Goods for Sale by JuneNY I purchased some zucchini bars.  Then we headed for home.

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