Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cherry Valley Geocaching Adventure

 I had plans to meet up with Yvette and we were going to go to PINE LAKE, but her allergies are really bothering her (and I think she is a little bit depressed, too), so she cancelled. I emailed Leslie and she said she was free. We decided to go to the Cherry Valley area to geocache/  The first cache we found was the Cherry Valley Lime Kiln.......great hide! I want to find out more about lime kilns, particularlyl this one. Then it was on to Route 32 Triangle. This one was another quick find, but right in the middle of a patch of poison ivy. After that we drove to Sprout Brook and had lunch at the store there. I had a burger and Leslie had grilled cheese and tomato soup. Then we found the parking for Route 20 Scenic View. This one involved a half mile hike on a very nice trail  to a bridge that goes over Route 20 and a half mile back to the car. It was the perfect day for this. 

On the way back, we stopped at PONDO'S for an ice cream cone.

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