Saturday, August 3, 2013


Yvette and I lost touch over the past few years, but connected again on the occasion of the death of another  friend.  We got together today.  I drove out to Cobleskill and we met up at WalMart.  Then it was off to have lunch at her favorite spot in Cobleskill: GRAPEVINE FARMS.  From the outside this place appears to be fancy and expensive.  I have to admit the prices in the gift shop are high, but the prices in the cafe are very reasonable.  After checking out most of the rooms in the gift shop, we had lunch.  We each ordered a sandwich and we shared them.  The "side of the day" was watermelon salad which came with each sandwich.   I thought both sandwiches were outstanding!

After lunch we went to the WINE CELLAR, which Yvette said is a new addition.  When I was asked what kind of wine I like, I said "I don't like wine, but I would like to leave here liking wine".  We were each given a list of this week wines and given samples of each one we wanted to try. I tried three wines and actually enjoyed them.  If I didn't have a full bottle of wine at home, from my brothers wedding, I would have purchased a bottle today.   Yvette purchased a bottle.  All of the wines in the GRAPEVINE FARMS WINE CELLAR are made here in New York!

After that our plans were to go to Cave House Museum of Mining and Geology
(in the original hotel built by Lester Howe).  We had a hard time finding it, and Yvette suggested we stop at the Schoharie County Animal Shelter to see the dog she will be taking home in a week or two, and to ask directions.  I met her dog SNOW and we got better directions. It turned out that we were very close to it when we were at the shelter.
We finally arrived at the museum.  It is very close to a huge stone quarry.  It was interesting.  The most interesting part was seeing the original entrance to Howe Caverns!  We returned to the animal shelter so that Yvette could take Snow for a walk and while doing that I took pictures of a couple of old empty, abandoned buildings.

Yvette then suggested that we go to THE APPLE BARREL.  It is just outside of Schoharie.  It is a combination nursery/cafe/gift shop.  We looked around the shop and then had desert in the cafe.  I had a slice of  peach raspberry pie with a scoop of ice cream and it was delicious.

Yvette then took me to her apartment, so that I will know where she lives (for future get togethers).  On the way out of Cobleskill, I stopped at the CATNAP BOOKSTORE and purchased three holocaust books.  It was a great (but exhausting) day.

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