Thursday, August 1, 2013

Charlotteville Adventure

Several days ago, when Nancy, Leslie and I stopped at the Chamber of Commerce in Cooperstown, I picked up Summer 2013 Kaatskill Life Magazine.

The very first article I looked at was about the Hamlet of Charlotteville in Schoharie County.  I decided that Charlotteville was a place I did NOT want to miss.  I called the proprietor of the museum and set a time to visit (Today at eleven a.m.) and recruited Carol to go with me.  It was sort of a belated birthday get together for us (only a month and a day late for our June birthdays).

Carol and I met up at my house at 9:30.  First we went to Oneonta so she could do some banking and then we headed out on I-88.  We got off at Worcester and then headed down Route 39.  It was a windy, hilly route and we were glad to get to the bottom of the hill and turn left and head towards Charlotteville.  We were about fifteen minutes early for our appointment with Marilyn, so we went to the General Store.  I purchased some oatmeal-raisin cookies and a fresh tomato.  
  Charlotteville General Store in Charlotteville, New York by JuneNY  Then we headed down to the museum and met up with Marilyn, who unlocked the museum and let us in.  The downstairs is the ANONYMOUS ART EXHIBIT, which is absolutely fantastic.  It is decorative pieces of buildings that were saved.  Many of them are "green men"......mens faces with foliage around them.  Upstairs is the history museum, which is very interesting.  Marilyn kind of
narrated as we walked through.........topics and photographs are in sections.  
     After that, we went over next door to the old Methodist Church.  It is very beautiful inside, all the gorgeous woodwork and the huge star in the front of the church.  One small room has objects that were excavated from the seminary site.  
     After leaving the church and museum, we drove around a bit and I took pictures of various interesting buildings including the old school, hotel and another store.
     We drove back to Oneonta by a different route, which was less hilly but probably did not save us much time, we came out on Route 23, after driving through South Worcester, Fergusonville, Simpsonville, etc.            Then began the debate over where to have lunch.  We stopped at the diner in Davenport, and looked at the menu and decided not to eat there.  We decided on Applebee's but were told that we would have to wait fifteen minutes for a table, and then we decided to go to Brooks but when we got there the parking lot was full and there was a long line.  We then decided to go to the Undercover Eggplant but then I stopped at the No 1 Chinese Restaurant and asked Carol if that would be OK and she said that would be fine.  We had a nice lunch, very inexpensive in an empty restaurant.  I had the brocolli with beef, which included soup and fried rice for only six dollars.
     Then we went to WalMart and each of us picked up a few items.  We talked about going SouthWind Farms, but we were both kind of tired when we got to my house so we called it a day.  It was a good day, in spite of the rain (mostly light) when we were in Charlotteville.  My complete set of pictures for this great day can be seen here:

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